Let’s talk: Emotional eating and stress eating

Emotional Eating Part 1

 This is by far one of the most popular challenges our society faces and that we help our clients cope with and manage in our weight loss practices.  This is such an important topic that we will be doing a 4 part series.  Watch part 1 now! 

Emotional Eating Part 2: How do you know you’re emotional eating?

Part 2 we discuss the signs of emotional eating and stress eating and how we can identify them.  

Emotional Eating Part 3: Ways to avoid eating when emotional

Today we are discussing strategies that help us avoid emotional eating. A must in order to lose weight and keep it off. Watch Now!  

Emotional Eating Part 4: Know your emotional triggers

In this last video of the Emotional Eating series, we are getting pretty transparent on what our own personal triggers are and how we handle them. Getting a handle on how you react to these emotional ups and downs is key to living a healthy lifestyle and losing weight