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Raising Awareness

We all have unique bodies that require individualized routines to feel better and live long, healthy lives. Our primary goal is to raise awareness of our physical differences and health conditions and how those affect us physically and emotionally when it comes to our weight.

Giving out educational content

We want to support people in their health journey. Our purpose is to empower others to better understand their body, mind, and physical needs. We constantly create new content about topics that are weight-loss-related to help keep people informed and better understand themselves.

Creating sustainable weight loss plans

The key to losing weight is understanding how your body works. We are here to provide information and support so that you can monitor your health journey and live a healthier lifestyle!

The key to sustainable weight loss is to relieve the pressure

Creating habits is hard, especially when we don’t take a moment to reflect upon our bodies and how our habits are affecting them. A weight loss journey does not start with internet articles and fad diets. It begins with a deep understanding and respect towards ourselves in mind and body.

There are many factors that come in when considering what it takes to lose weight. Some may take more work because of how their body operates and others might have undetected medical conditions that are affecting them. Some individuals could have emotional struggles with food or eating disorders. The important thing is to step back, take a moment to understand how your body works, and create healthy habits for yourself. Make sure to create these habits out of kindness, patience, determination, and self-respect.

Why is it so hard to lose weight?

There are many reasons and health conditions that prevent us from losing weight. There is no such thing as one size fits all with weight loss! You have to consider your metabolism and your body composition when creating a diet or an exercise routine. Every individual will have their own health journey and specific needs.

Our primary goal is to debunk weightloss myths and educate others on how to feel good in their own skin by keeping a healthy lifestyle that will allow them to become stronger and live longer. 

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Feeling good means looking good

Weight loss shouldn’t be just about looks. Our non-profit organization is made up of expert nutritionists, trainers, and weight-loss specialists who are aware of the many health conditions that can affect our ability to lose weight.

The key to a good weight loss program resides in knowing how your metabolism works. For example, people with Celiac Disease might find it harder to lose weight if they don’t eliminate gluten from their diet. Our free educational content helps people create healthy eating habits and exercise routines based specifically on their body composition, health needs and lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I know if I'm stress eating?

We tend to eat when we get emotional signals, which may be different for everyone. However, we should listen to our bodies: is your stomach growling? Is your energy low? or are you feeling a little lightheaded? Too often, we eat when our mind tells us to, rather than our bodies.

How do I change my eating habits?

Self-awareness and support. It’s crucial to be honest with yourself and become observant of your own habits. If you see something extremely out of the ordinary you might need to see a doctor, a weight loss specialist, a nutritionist, or even search for therapeutical help! Getting support from friends, family, and experts is crucial to making changes and is the first step to improvement and growth.

Do I have to eat less to lose weight?

No. The secret to weight loss is eating better, not eating less. It’s true some foods are bad for your body and system, and sometimes we have to cut them off from our diet either temporarily or entirely, but that doesn’t mean you have to starve yourself to lose weight!

Do fad diets work?

Most fad diets focus on eliminating certain foods (like carbs) or ONLY eating protein and fat. These fad diets may work temporarily but because they do not focus on individual health needs, they are not sustainable long term. And typically once you fall off the “fad” diet, the weight comes right back.

How do I know my ideal weight?

There is no such thing as an “ideal” weight. How much you weigh or how much you eat will depend on what keeps you healthy and keeps your body functional. Two things that can be used as a reference are your BMI (body mass index) and the BMR (basal metabolic rate), but even those may vary depending on your body, genetics, or underlying health conditions!


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